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in Being

Yoga, Meditation & Inner Growth

This life changing online program creates a dance between your masculine and feminine energies, finding the empowered expression of your true self. 

Your Feminine Essence represents qualities like receptivity, intuition, creativity, and corporation. It's about going with the flow, embracing creativity, and connecting with your emotions and inner wisdom. Practically, it means trusting your intuition, working together with others, and enjoying the process of creation independent of the end result.

Your Masculine Essence: embodies qualities such as courage, assertiveness, logic, and action. It's the driving force behind setting goals, making decisions, and taking action in our lives. Practically, it involves setting boundaries, pursuing your ambitions, and standing up for what you believe in.


Balancing these energies doesn't mean suppressing one in favour of the other; it's about harmonising them. It's about embracing the full spectrum of your being. It empowers you to move through life with greater wisdom, grace, and authenticity.

$99 for Lifetime Access or $9.95 per month

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Embrace Your Feminine

You are invited on a powerful journey to Awaken your Feminine Essence recognising your own worth and releasing self limiting beliefs.

The divine feminine essence is intuitive, creative, nurturing, protective, abundant, articulate, sensual, empowered, wise and free. Many of these feminine qualities are not really valued in our society. Even we women have perhaps forgotten about them, or rejected them. 

The Goddess Sequences is an online yoga program with over 100 practices, which aims to open you to a new way of being. Inviting you to go beyond the barriers of your own self-limiting beliefs and habits and into new levels of sacred self-expression, living your life more authentically. 

Through the use of archetypes of 11 goddesses and related embodied yoga and meditation practices, you will reconnect to those parts of yourself aching to be revealed, allowing you to reconnect to your divine feminine nature, finding inner wholeness. 

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She was tired of everyone deciding her life for her. She was ready to figure out who she really was, not what everyone else told her to be.

- Marissa Meyer

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Balance Your Masculine

A transformative journey for both men and women, to balance your Masculine Energy, which is self-less, solid and shows direction.

We live in a masculine world where we generally consider masculine qualities to be associated with ego, power, strength, competitiveness and toughness, but that is not what masculinity is about. When the masculine energy is balanced and integrated it expresses courage, strength, compassion and deep feelings of love and care with ease. It has the incredible ability to create Equanimity, and Space for others to feel safe to be themselves. 

The Shiva Sequences is a yoga program which uses the wisdom of the Masculine archetypes, embodied in over 60 practices, to reconnect to the different aspects of the balanced masculine. Where the Goddess Sequences focusses more on Movement, Embodiment and Inner Connection, the Shiva Sequences focusses on Stillness (through longer holds and meditation), Inner Growth and an increased level of Conscious Awareness. Helping you to bring more balance, courage, boundaries and purpose into your life in order to hold space for yourself and others. 

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The sacred masculine does not play games for he holds all others equal to himself. He does not hide from what his heart speaks; he listens with an open ear embracing his intuition, knowing that as a warrior his instincts are sharp. He does not run from conflict, knowing that resolution is the traits of Kings.”

- Ara

Is This For You?

The practices of this program are not geared towards the young, strong, flexible body. They are for everyone who would like to move and connect to their body, with different levels of intensity to choose from and modifications for stronger poses.

The aim for the practices is to connect to your physical body but even more the mental and emotional benefits that come from practicing yoga, which goes way beyond the shapes themselves. Making practices suitable for all ages, sizes and shapes, delivering the true value of yoga; connection and union, letting go of competition and separation.

You don’t need to be smarter, thinner, prettier. You don’t need to be ‘perfect’ in any way, you can come to the mat just as you are! Tight, emotional, unfocused, distracted, irritated, unbalanced, traumatised, feeling not good enough…. Your yoga practice is a place to find a respite from that noise - a place where you are welcomed and accepted, just as you are. A sanctuary for you to withdraw to, where you feel safe and accepted. A place where you can heal your physical, mental and emotional wounds.


The strongest action for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst
those who never believed she could.

- Unknown


Your Guide & Creator


Anneriek is a Teacher in 'Being' - a senior yoga teacher, meditation & mindfulness facilitator, inner growth coach, somatic movement & dance facilitator and teacher trainer.

The Goddess Sequences is Anneriek’s lifework in which her authentic vision for the yoga practice comes to life. For her, yoga is not about touching your toes or being able to do a handstand. It is about overcoming your fear and your self doubt. It’s about creating space where you feel stuck. It's about being kind to yourself and connecting to your heart. It’s about believing in yourself and embracing your unique essence.
You will find her classes a true delight - insightful and challenging as she has a  unique ability to allow you to connect to your intuitive power and hear the calls from your heart.

"Anneriek is on another level when it comes to teachers - She inspires, uplifts and truly is a gift to the world."

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