About The Goddess Sequences

The Goddess Sequences is an online transformational yoga program designed to help you find and explore a deeper and truer sense of yourself. You will go on a journey that shakes you wild and free, to awaken and strengthen your capacity to live from a more authentic place.

Using 11 goddess archetypes and empowering yoga, meditation and breathwork practices, you will explore hidden and sacred parts of yourself.

Shakti energy is the feminine energy which often is suppressed. Following this program will help you to gain insight and power by embracing your inner Goddess and set her free.  

This program is inspired by the book
“Awakening Shakti” by Sally  Kempton.

Membership includes:

Unlimited access to the online “Goddess portal"
Comprehensive information about each of the 11 goddesses

For each goddess is included:

Her story, identity, archetype, qualities & shadows

Embodied, strong, flowing Vinyasa yoga practice

Gentle Lunar flowing yoga practice

Healing Yin yoga practice

Guided (sometimes moving) meditation
Connecting Breathwork session

Music playlists, poems, and daily activities

Comprehensive "I Am the Goddess" user manual


About The Shiva Sequences

The Shiva Sequences are complementary to the goddess sequences and teach you about the balanced divine masculine qualities, which complement your feminine qualities.

The use of the word “masculine” does not have anything to do with the male gender. Personal ‘wholeness’ can only be achieved when you are connected to both your feminine AND your masculine energies.

In this program you explore the masculine consorts of the goddesses.​ 

Masculine qualities you’ll explore include: leadership, logic, structure, boundary-setting, decisiveness, persistence and kindheartedness.

This is also a wonderful way to include your partner in your transformational journey, to create common ground to explore, share and talk about.

Membership includes:

Unlimited access to the online “Shiva portal"

Comprehensive information about each of the 7 gods.

For each god is included:

His story, identity, archetype, qualities & shadows

Powerful, flowing Vinyasa yoga practice

Gentle Lunar yoga practice

Mindful Yin Yoga practice

Guided (sometimes moving) meditation
Connecting Breathwork session

Music playlists, poems, and daily activities

Comprehensive "I Am Shiva" user manual

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About Anneriek Favelle

Senior Yoga Teacher, Meditation and Mindfulness Facilitator, Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher Trainer, Creator of The Goddess Sequences and The Shiva Sequences.

Anneriek lives her life wholeheartedly. She walks her path living life in tune with her soul, dancing the dance between physicality and spirituality, bringing to life loving energy in which she shares her wisdom with great passion and enthusiasm for others to find their own inspired path in life.  

The idea of a program that helps connect to and celebrate the feminine qualities came to her like ‘divine inspiration.’ She developed The Goddess Sequences at a time when she needed to explore her own feminine side and connect to her own inner goddess. As her journey developed, she decided to create a program as an invitation to share her gifts so that others can explore this process of unravelling their own inner Goddess. From here, a need arose to develop a similar series for the gods, to explore the balanced masculine divine and to find harmony between the inner feminine and the inner masculine. This was the birth of The Shiva Sequences

Never before has Anneriek been able to share her qualities to this extent. You will find she has the ability to explain yoga philosophy in an understandable yet profound way. Her Yoga Flow classes reflect the energy of each goddess/god and challenges you to tap into your own strengths and to face your shadows. Her Yin Yoga classes will allow you to understand and connect to each goddess/god in a deeper, more mindful way.

With 20 years experience, teaching various styles of yoga and training other teachers in various points of their teaching journey, Anneriek is considered one of the leading yoga teachers in Australia.  


  • Level 3 (RYT-500) Senior Registered Teacher 

  • Over 20 years of dedicated personal practice 

  • 20 years (over 10,000 hours) of teaching experience 

  • Teacher's Teacher - Providing Level 1 and Level 2 Teacher Training programs, retreats, workshops, mentoring and coaching sessions

  • Over 2000 teacher training hours including training by internationally renowned teachers like Mark Stephens (Santa Cruz Yoga, CA - Author of Teaching Yoga and Yoga Sequencing) and Shiva Rae (CA, USA)

"Anneriek is a wonderful teacher, an amazing woman who holds the group space with an abundance of care, love and passion"



Special Thanks

This Program would not have been possible without the help of many beautiful souls who put and kept me on my path. I would like to send out a special big THANK YOU to the following people.

For the creation of this website and the amazing Goddess and Shiva member portals:

For all the beautiful, creative images:

For endless love and inspiration about the program content and the sequences:

And most of all my family and my dedicated students for loving and believing in me.


“Oh, Darling, You’re only too Wild for 
Those who are too Tame;
Don’t let their Opinions Change You.”

- Nikki Rowe