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The Goddess Sequences Program
with optional
150hr Teacher Training Program

Now as Online


This program is set up to help you change your life, to empower you, to confront you, to take your 'mask' off, to be supported by a tribe of like minded women and to reveal your magnificent, divine authentic Self. With 23 inspiring 3 hr sessions exploring the archetypes of 11 goddesses, online yoga practices and meditations for each goddess and access to your own App this program is a powerful tool for inner transformation. For Yoga Teachers this program can include a 150hr Level 2 certification.

"This journey was something so unique and powerful, it took me to depths within myself, it dragged up the mud and stagnant beliefs, it activated higher levels of awareness within me and ultimately freed me to experience more love and compassion for myself in all the aspects of my life. I felt truely supported like never before, I was seen, heard and accepted by all the beautiful goddesses that journeyed with me this year. Anneriek created such a safe and accepting space her delivery of wisdom and insight was profound and easily understood and applied to my life, for the benefit of not only myself but all those that surround me. I'm truely beyond grateful for this past year and so looking forward to the journey with the gods." (Jaz)

Online, Self-paced Program

​​In this program you are introduced to 11 powerful goddess archetypes. Each one of these goddesses will become your guide to explore a different part of your empowered Feminine Self. You will recognise the force of the feminine within you, which is yearning to evolve your awareness, to help create a world in which you live in balance with yourself, others and the earth.

This program gives you a modern, pragmatic interpretation of ancient philosophy supported by world class practices inspired by the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The workshops will give you a real understanding of yoga philosophy in current day living as you you will be exploring your own balanced, empowered Feminine essence.


This program includes:

  • Introduction one on one session with Anneriek

  • Lifetime access to the practices of the Goddess Sequences 

  • Lifetime access to the Goddess Program App, through your own App or web-browser

  • Unlimited, lifetime access to the online Goddess Practices with access to over 100 yoga practices and meditations and a wealth of useful information about each Goddess

  • For each goddess archetype: 

    • Two prerecorded, 3 hour workshop per goddess (22 sessions in total)  to connect deeper and learn more about your own feminine essence. This  includes:

      • Additional 22 yoga practices,

      • Transformative, in depth information about the goddess

      • Specific personal exercises, 

      • Dance playlists,

      • Guided Journeys and more.

  • PDF version of the Goddess Sequences User Manual

  • Access to the Goddess Sequences Members community

COST Guided Online Program

  • A$990

    • A A$300 non refundable deposit is required to sign up for the course. This will give you instant, lifetime access to the Goddess Sequences portal and a one on one session with Anneriek to get you started.

    • After payment of the deposit (see below) a detailed invoice will be sent out for payment of the remaining fees)

Online, Self-paced
150hr Yoga Teacher Training Program

This 150hr online teacher training program is specifically for the certification of yoga teachers to help to better understand the sequences and to teach these sequences in line with the energy of the Goddess represented.


This training is a powerful journey for yoga teachers. It will help you to get an in depth understanding of yoga philosophybring stories into your classes​, teach embodied sequences your students will absolutely love and overall become a confident, dynamic and magnificent teacher. Additionally it will:

  • Awaken your inner Authentic Teacher

  • Embrace your feminine flow and

  • Release self limiting beliefs


Included in this program:

  • Everything of the GODDESS PROGRAM (see above) plus additionally:

    Introduction one on one session with Anneriek

  • Access to the Goddess YTT App, through your own App or web-browser

  • For each goddess archetype: 

    • 1 hour YTT specific pre-recorded session (11 sessions in total) with detailed teacher training specific guidance

    • Two practical assessments (22 in total) to deepen your learning in teaching the Goddess Sequences

    • Journalling of the practices for your own review

    • Personal guidance and feedback sessions with Anneriek

  • PDF version of the Goddess Sequences Teacher Training manual with information about all the practices and access to all the sequences

  • Access to the Goddess Sequences Teachers community

  • On successful completion:

    • Receive a 150-hr level 2 Yoga Teacher Training certificate for “The Goddess Sequences”

    • You'll be mentioned as certified teacher on the Goddess Sequences website

Teacher Training Requirements:

  • A 200hr Level 1 training certificate is required.

  • Understanding of yogic concepts and poses is assumed or needs to be picked up as part of the self study.

  • Revision of all prerecorded material

  • Successful completion of all practical assignments

  • Review (journal) of Self practice of provided online Goddess Sequences practices.

  • Students have 2 years, from start date, to complete all assignments.​

COST Teacher Certification Program

  • A$2,100 for the 150hr Teacher Training Certification Program

    • A A$300 non refundable deposit is required to sign up for the course. This will give you instant, lifetime access to the Goddess Sequences portal and a one on one session with Anneriek to get you started.

    • After payment of the deposit (see below) a detailed invoice will be sent out for payment of the remaining fees. Once payment is received you will get instant access to all recordings and material.

“I signed up to the Goddess Sequences to broaden my teaching style and understanding of yoga, but what I didn't expect to get was a broader and deeper understanding of myself! This year has been amazing, eye opening and transformative. Anneriek is a wonderful teacher and mentor, and I look forward to further teacher trainings and courses lead by her. This journey of unfolding and deep diving within has been truly amazing!” (Justine)

Cancelation Policy

  • A $300 non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance into the course.

  • After the payment in full all the material will be sent out and access will be provided to the material. Once this has been done, no refund  will be given.


  • Durga - Warrior goddess, She who protects, the Fierce Empowering Mother - To find your power in softness

  • Lakshmi - Goddess of Abundance and Good Fortune - To embrace abundance

  • Saraswati - Goddess who Flows as Language, Insight and Sound - To find your voice

  • Kali - Bringer of Strength, Fierce Love, and Untamed Freedom - To learn to love yourself fiercely

  • Sita - Goddess of the Earth, Teacher of Devotional Love - To be grounded in surrender

  • Parvati - Goddess of Love, Power and Renewal - To embrace your individuality

  • Radha - She who carries the Divine Energy of Spiritual Longing - To see that you are surrounded by love

  • Dhumavati - Crone Goddess who Teaches to Turn Disappointment into Spiritual Growth - To receive freedom by learning to let go

  • Lalita Tripura Sundari - Goddess of Erotic Spirituality, Uniting the Body with the Energy of Spirit - To connect to your sensuality

  • Chinnamasta - Goddess of Radical Self Transformation and Ecstatic Empowerment - To empower yourself fully

  • Bhuvaneshwari - Goddess of Sacred Infinite Space, Who Removes all Limitations into Herself - To see yourself in others and others in yourself.



Self-paced. Start at any time.

Once signed up (deposit paid) you will get full lifetime access to The Goddess Sequences online App with lifetime access to all the practices. 

You will work through the goddesses at your own time and pace in line with the Guided Goddess program  which started in January 2023. The recommended pace is one goddess per month.

  • Goddess Program

    DEPOSIT for The Goddess Program
    • For those who would like to dive deeper into the archetypes
    • Self-paced program, guided by Anneriek. Includes:
    • Lifetime access to The Goddess Practices (value $299)
    • 23 pre-recorded sessions (2 per goddess, 2-3 hrs each)
    • 22 extra yoga practices (flow and yin)
    • Comprehensive Goddess Sequences User Manual
    • Connection and sharing with like minded women
    • Remaining fee $690
    • for which a detailed invoice will be sent
  • Goddess 150hr YTT

    DEPOSIT for Goddess 150hr Yoga Teacher Training Program
    • 150hr Level 2 Teacher Training program for Yoga Teachers
    • Self study with pre-recorded group training sessions
    • This Certification Program Includes:
    • Lifetime access to The Goddess Practices (value $299)
    • Introductory one on one session with Anneriek
    • 23 pre-recorded Goddess training sessions (3 hrs each)
    • 11 pre-recorded 1hr Teacher Training sessions
    • 22 Practical YTT Assignments (2 per Goddess)
    • Personal feedback and guidance by Anneriek
    • Goddess Sequences User Manual + Teacher Training Manual
    • 150hr Level 2 Training Certification on completion
    • Remaining fee A$1,800
    • for which a detailed invoice will be sent

“If you are thinking of doing the goddess sequences or goddess YTT, your expectations will be far exceeded!


I joined Goddess YTT to help with my practice and for teaching inspiration, but gained so much more on a personal growth level - as is standard with any of Anneriek’s offerings! She goes above and beyond to deliver something truly magical and transformative, and it will not disappoint!


Thank you Anneriek! Can’t wait to continue my journey with you


I have found better connection with my own femininity, my self.


The program not only allowed growth professionally but personally. Anneriek’s vast knowledge and approach in teaching is exceptional. I am so glad I decided to join Goddesses. It is so much more than one would expect …… I have gained so much during this course….


Thank you Anneriek 

As a yoga teacher of over 10 years I am always looking for inspiration and this program most certainly delivers. I am loving the wisdom and power of awakening each goddess in my life.  I love the website and find it super easy to navigate, and it is so rich in content! 

Anneriek is another level when it comes to teachers, she inspires, uplifts and truly is a gift to the world. I am loving the online practices in the comfort of my home but I also love being in community with like minded women. 


Anneriek has a way of bringing people together and the offering is so beautiful. I am very happy to have this in my life.
~Jolan (Owner Om Yoga)

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