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Learn to Meditate

Are you looking to feel more relaxed and calm, release anxiety and/or depression?
Are you having trouble sleeping? 
Have you tried to meditate but struggled?
Do you believe you just can't meditate as your mind is too busy?
Would you like to learn self directed meditation, instead of listening to meditation recordings?

Learn to Meditate Effortlessly in 30 Days

I have created this program for you to receive the mental and emotional benefits of a regular meditation practice which you can sustain also after the 30 days are over!

Meditation is the mental process you engage your mind in, that activates the relaxation response in the body. There are many types of meditation. Some require a lot of focus, some require some focus and some require little focus… In this course you will learn “Effortless meditation” which is a meditation technique based on Transcendental Meditation (TM), that requires very little focus while offering huge benefits!

The main concept of this type of mediation is that the mental state of ‘Meditation’ is a natural state for the mind, just like sleep is. The more you try to ‘get there’ the harder it gets (just like sleep ;-) ). In effortless meditation you just allow the mind to find its way ‘home’ to this state, trusting that it will. 

Everything in this type of meditation is effortless: your position, your attitude, your mind floating in and out of thought, emotions coming and going, sensations in your body, noises in your environment… This is ALL part of your meditation! There is NO forcing, NO keeping focus, NO aiming for a ‘good’ mediation and there is NO aiming for a still mind or to let go of your thoughts.…



  • Learn to Meditate

    30 Day Self-directed Effortless Meditation Course

How Do I Sign Up?


  • Click SELECT to directly sign up to the Learn to Meditate in 30 Days program.

  • You receive an email to get INSTANT access to all the practices and the community through your Internet browser and/or the Goddess App​*


* One account gives access to all platforms

What Do I  Get?

  • Inspiration to practice each day with daily meditation practices for 30 days (1 or 2 practices per day)

  • Lecture explaining how meditation works, subjects covered include:

    • What is Effortless Meditation

    • The Science of Stress and Meditation

    • The Inner Mechanics of Meditation

    • Your Brain in Meditation

    • Your Nervous System in Meditation

    • The 4 fundamental effects of Meditation

    • How Do you know that you Meditation is working

  • Debriefing sessions 

  • Emotional Processing Technique

  • Enjoyable guidance by an experienced teacher.

  • Your very own App on your Phone or iPad.

  • Lifetime access.

  • Access through your browser or through "The Goddess App" 

This Is For You If You:

  • Are you looking to feel more relaxed and calm

  • Want to release anxiety and/or depression

  • Improve your quality of  sleep

  • Have tried to meditate but struggled

  • Believe you just can't meditate as your mind is too busy

  • Would you like to learn self directed meditation, instead of listening to meditation recordings

  • Want to live your life feeling more calm and happy

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