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The Goddess Sequences User Manual - PDF

The Goddess Sequences User Manual - PDF


PDF version of 185 pages, includes all information about the goddesses and the practices provided.


A comprehensive user guide with information about how to live as an empowered feminine lover of life, evolving your awareness, to help create a world in which you live in balance with yourself, others and the earth. This manual provides an in depth understanding of the 11 goddesses; their stories, identity, archetypes, gifts and shadows, poems, daily activities, images and description of the yoga sequences. 



"I am honoured and grateful to welcome you to this program for divine self transformation. The Goddess SequencesTM is inspired by and dedicated to my beautiful, inspiring, divine Mum, Nellie, who passed away in April 2020. The idea to create a program to help connect to and celebrate the feminine qualities came like ‘divine inspiration’ while I was in Covid19 isolation after returning home from my mum’s funeral. I am sure that she has put this on my path, to invite me to explore my own feminine side, to connect to my inner goddess, and to create this program as an invitation to share my gifts and explore this process with other women."

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