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The Shiva Sequences User Manual - PDF

The Shiva Sequences User Manual - PDF


PDF version, 123 pages, includes all information about the gods and the practices provided.


A comprehensive user guide with information about the Balanced Masculine energy within you and how to connect to and heal this side of yourself. Providing an in depth understanding of the 7 gods; their stories, identity, archetypes, gifts and shadows, poems, daily activities, images and description of the yoga sequences. 


"After completing The Goddess Sequences, I did not intent to create a series for the gods, even though students asked for it.… My life has always been ‘male dominant’, both within myself and outside myself, and my journey was to explore my feminine divine… However days before my Dad passed I found my inspiration for The Shiva Sequences, reading an article about ‘the balanced masculine’ and how in the current culture the masculine is so unbalanced, associated with ego, strength and toughness. The balanced masculine is characterised by confidence without arrogance, rationality without a need to control and honour without a desire for war. The balanced masculine brings stability and courage in our ever changing world."

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