The Shiva Sequences
8 Month Guided Program &
Teacher Training Program

The Shiva Sequences is an 8 month program that teaches you about your balanced divine masculine energy. This program is for both men and women.


We live in a masculine world where we generally consider masculine qualities to be associated with ego, power, strength, and toughness, but that is not what masculinity is about. When the masculine energy is balanced and integrated, it has the incredible ability to create equanimity and space for both ourselves and others to feel safe to be authentic.

Balanced masculine energy is active, expansive, purposeful, protective and outward. In its wounded form tho we see dominance, aggression, misuse of power, and competitiveness. In many young boys it is easy to see the balanced masculine qualities, they are strong and active and extremely loving and tender at the same time.  Through pressures of society many of us get lost and forget. We think that being strong, contained and emotionless is the only option we have. Terry Real mentioned in his book ‘Fierce Intimacy’, “Girls lose their voice growing up. Boys lose their heart.”


The balanced masculine is able to express compassion, empathy and deep feelings of love and care with ease. It presents itself within our discernment, displays in our courage, and thrives on structure, discipline, focus, and direction. When you value the qualities of the masculine energy within yourself and others, you:

  • Can be assertive, setting clear boundaries (learn to say no :-)

  • Tenaciously pursue what you want

  • Discover and develop your leadership abilities

  • Take charge of something in your life

  • Focus on the end result of an activity

  • Become more self-sufficient and self-reliant

  • Gain more emotional balance 

  • Hold space for others

We all have masculine and feminine qualities, finding the balance is key to Wholeness. As women we need to develop our masculine powers and as men we need to keep this energy balanced and our heart connected.

The Shiva Sequences work with 7 Hindu god archetypes, each representing a different aspect of the masculine. You already have all these qualities within you, however with some you feel more connected than with others. You might feel judgements or fear towards the ones you have not recognised yet within yourself.  Using these archetypes you can learn about your balanced masculine qualities, bringing contentment, compassion, courage and purpose into your life.

This program includes two monthly 3 hour sessions for each archetype and lifetime online access to the Yoga Practices of the Shiva Sequences which are designed to allow you to connect to your own Balanced Masculine energy. It includes:  Over 35 Yoga practices - Vinyasa, Gentle and Yin -, Meditation and Breathwork sessions, Music playlists, Yoga philosophy, Poetry and Transformational information about the gods for you to explore, enjoy and integrate in your life.


Working with these practices might also be a wonderful way to include your partner in your practice. To open up to a shared understanding of the masculine and feminine energies within you both, creating personal wholeness. Working together on these Sequences might help you to find more balance in your relationship.

The 8 month GUIDED PROGRAM includes:

  • Introduction session with Anneriek

  • Full unlimited, lifetime access to the online "Shiva Sequences Portal" with access to many yoga practices and meditations and a wealth of useful information about each God.

  • Two 3 hour sessions a month (online or face to face, 14 sessions in total) to learn about each god archetype and about the yoga practices related to each archetype. Sessions are recorded for later revision.

  • Printed version of the Shiva Sequences User Manual.

  • Access to the Goddess Sequences Members community.

The 100 HR TEACHER TRAINING Program includes everything of the Guided Program plus additionally:

  • Practical assessments to deepen your learning.

  • Personal guidance and feedback sessions 

  • Printed version of the the Shiva Sequences Teacher Training manual and the Assignment guide.

  • Receive a 100-hr level 2 Yoga teacher Training certification for “The Shiva Sequences”.​​

  • Mention as certified teacher on the Goddess website.

  • Access to the Goddess Sequences Teachers community.

Teacher Training Requirements:

  • A 200hr Level 1 training certificate is required.

  • Understanding of yogic concepts and poses is assumed or needs to be picked up as part of the self study.

  • 80% attendance of sessions is required.

  • Self practice of provided online Shiva Sequences practices.

  • Students have 2 years, from start date, to complete all assignments.​

Anneriek’s knowledge, wisdom and heart in all her teachings go beyond the asana. Learning and being with each god has taught me all he has to give me and has brought my walls down and opened myself up to learn of all that is in me and all that I have to give. Blessed and grateful to have been apart of the transformative journey

- Dani


  • Brahma - “The Creator”, God of Creation, Intellect and the Mind Teaches you about vision and creation and shows you that you are part of everything and everything is part of you.

  • Vishnu - “The Preserver”, God of sustenance, protection and maintenance of the created universe - Teaches you about kindness and persevering and demonstrates that how you see your universe, is how the universe will manifest itself to you.

  • Shiva - “The Destroyer”, He who protects from greed, lust and anger, Guards against illusion and ignorance - Will teach you about renewal and will help you to humble your ego and open your heart to pure consciousness and bliss.

  • Ganesh - God of Wisdom and Good Fortune, Remover of Obstacles - Teaches you about strength and how to deal with obstacles that are on your (spiritual) path and shows you to look beyond outer appearances and forms.

  • Rama - God of Truth, Courage and Loyalty - Teaches you about courage and your unlimited possibilities once you let go of your restrictions and open up to the unknown.

  • Hanuman - God of Perseverance, Dedication and Commitment - Teaches you about commitment and loyalty and about the unlimited power that lies within your heart.

  • Krishna - God of Compassion, Tenderness, Love and Joy - Teaches you about leadership and how to let your love for all beings flow abundantly.


The 2022 program has started but it's not too late to join in! You will have a one on one session with Anneriek to get you up to speed and will complete the 'missed god' sessions next year... 

Once signed up you will get full access to The Shiva Sequences.

Sessions are either around New Moon (NM) when we start with a new god, or Full Moon (FM) for the second session.​ The sessions can be attended online (Zoom) or face to face in Cattai, NSW. All sessions will be recorded and shared, to watch when you can not attend a session. Times are AEST.

2022 Dates 

All on Wednesday’s 5.30-8.30pm:

Intro session (1hr) with Anneriek (will be scheduled after sign up)
Rama - 4 + 18 May

Hanuman - 1 + 15 June

Ganesh - 29 Jun + 13 Jul

Krishna - 27 Jul + 10 Aug

2023 Dates - Not released yet

Shiva - Feb

Vishnu - Mar

Brahma - Apr

  • Shiva 8Mth Program

    Every month
    The Shiva Sequences 8 Month Guided Training Program
    Valid for 8 months
    • For those wanting to connect to their balanced masculine.
    • 8 month guided program by Anneriek, includes:
    • Lifetime access to The Shiva Sequences Portal (value $150)
    • 15 inspiring group sessions (2 session for each god) -
    • includes practice, 3 hrs each, zoom or face to face
    • Printed user manual, t shirt, and access to online community
  • Shiva YTT 100hr

    Every month
    Shiva Sequences 100hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification
    Valid for 8 months
    • 100hr Level 2 Teacher Training Program for Yoga Teachers
    • Self study with twice monthly group training sessions
    • This certification includes:
    • Lifetime access to The Shiva Portal (value $150)
    • 15 face to face or online training sessions (3hrs each)
    • Assignments to deepen your understanding of each archetype
    • Printed Shiva user manual and Teacher Training manuals
    • "I am Shiva" t shirt and notebook
    • 100hr Level 2 Teacher Training Certification on completion
  • Shiva Sequences

    Lifetime Access to The Shiva Sequences
    • SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER! Normal price $150!!!
    • This membership includes lifetime access to learn about
    • and connect to your own divine balanced masculine qualities.
    • The Shiva Sequences online portal gives access to a wealth
    • of practices and information to connect to
    • the 7 masculine archetypes, with for each:
    • - His story, identity, archetype, gifts and shadows
    • - Strong Vinyasa, Gentle Lunar Flow & Yin Yoga practices
    • - Guided Meditation & Breathwork practices
    • - Access to Playlists, Activities & Comprehensive manual

The Shiva Sequences are a special and Unique way to not only experience the magic of yoga asana, but also have a window into Hindu mythology and Yogic spirituality.

Each practice brings Anneriek's own special magic, cultivated over her many years of practice and life learned experience.

I feel like each god became a part of my life as I breathed life into each form and practice. We are all Deities of energy and matter that make up this wonderful Universe.

- Robbie