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Balance Your Masculine Essence

Balanced masculine qualities include leadership, vision, consciousness, discernment, courage, loyalty, confidence, focus, and drive. There's a protective and grounding feeling in this type of energy. It is self-less, solid and shows direction. Balanced masculine energy makes you feel safe and secure within your Self.

Clarity and focus are some of the greatest gifts of the Balanced Masculine, he is brutally honest. He doesn’t want to buy popularity, and he doesn’t care what others think because he stands up for the right things. He is direct. He says what he thinks and doesn’t belittle himself to play any games.

The Shiva Sequences are complementary to the goddess sequences and teach you about the balanced divine masculine qualities using yoga and meditation practices for 7 male archetypes to help you know your purpose, set boundaries, and create personal wholeness. Each archetype will pave a path for you to better understand who you really are and what’s holding you back from living a life in balance with yourself and others.

This program is inspired by the book “King Warrior Magician Lover" by Robert Moore

The use of the word “masculine” does not have anything to do with the male gender. Personal ‘wholeness’ can only be achieved when you are connected to both your feminine AND your masculine energies.


Membership & Program Options

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Shiva Practices

Experience the transformative power of the Shiva Practices – a unique journey of yoga and meditation, drawing from the essence of seven distinct male archetypes, the consorts of the goddesses, to harmonise your masculine essence. These practices invite you to embody meaning, cultivate calmness, create space, and nurture kindness within yourself through inspiring rituals.

But that's not all. The Shiva Practices are not only a path to personal growth but also a beautiful opportunity for couples to deepen their connection and engage in meaningful conversations together.

When you join the Shiva Practices, you'll gain access to over 70 practices, all at your fingertips via your own dedicated app or web browser. Dive into the world of each of the seven gods and experience a holistic approach to embracing your balanced masculine:

  • Comprehensive Archetype Insights: Uncover the rich tapestry of each archetype, delving into their stories, identities, relationships with the goddesses, qualities, and shadows. This knowledge will guide you on your journey to embracing your own balanced masculine.

  • Empowering Yoga Flows: Immerse yourself in powerful, embodied Yoga Flow classes designed to align you with the archetypal energies.

  • Gentle Lunar Yoga: Find serenity with Lunar Yoga classes, perfect for those seeking a more gentle practice.

  • Mindful Yin Yoga: Dive deep into self-reflection with Mindful Yin Yoga sessions, promoting relaxation and inner exploration.

  • Guided Meditations: Explore insightful guided meditations, some with gentle movement, to enhance your connection to these archetypes.

  • Masculine Archetype Meditation: Delve even deeper into the masculine archetypes with dedicated meditative practices.

  • Chakra Balancing: Connect with your energy centres through Connecting Chakra Meditations.

  • Breathwork Sessions: Find balance and peace with Breathwork sessions designed to align your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Inspiring Extras: Enjoy Shiva playlists, poems, daily activities, and more to enrich your practice.


Embark on a journey to embrace your balanced masculine, deepen your relationship, and find profound meaning and connection within yourself. With the Shiva Practices, you're not just practicing yoga and meditation; you're stepping into a world of self-discovery and transformation.

Shiva Program

Delve into the essence of balanced masculine energy with our comprehensive Shiva Program. Designed for those seeking a profound understanding of their own balanced masculinity, this program challenges prevailing stereotypes. In a world where masculinity is often linked to ego, money, strength, and toughness, we redefine it. The balanced masculine represents the drive for change, evolution, and freedom – constantly seeking direction and meaningful achievement. It can stand firm without rigidity, provide guidance without blinders, and communicate directly without closing off.

Our self-paced online program offers you the tools to unlock your balanced masculine energy:

  • Personal Introduction: Kickstart your journey with a one-on-one introduction session with Anneriek.

  • Lifetime Access: Gain unlimited lifetime access to the online Shiva Practices, featuring over 70 yoga practices and meditations. Each comes with a treasure trove of valuable insights about the seven male (Shiva) archetypes.

  • Deep Dive Workshops: Immerse yourself in a series of two 2-3 hour prerecorded sessions for each Shiva archetype (14 sessions in total). These sessions include:

    • Additional yoga practices

    • Practical, in-depth guidance for each shiva archetype to integrate into your life

    • Personalised exercises to enrich your connection

    • Playlists for creative expression

    • Breathwork sessions

    • Guided Journeys for inner growth, and much more.

  • Comprehensive User Manual: Seamlessly navigate your journey with the Shiva Sequences User Manual, a valuable resource offering detailed information about the practices and access to the sequences.

  • Community Connection: Join our vibrant Shiva Sequences Members community, a space where you can connect, share experiences, and support one another on this transformative path.


The Shiva Program is your invitation to embrace your balanced masculine essence and discover a profound sense of direction and purpose. It's not just about learning; it's about embarking on a journey of self-discovery, evolution, and freedom, all while redefining the true essence of masculinity. Join us on this transformative path to unleash your authentic self.


100hr Teacher Certification

Elevate your yoga teaching journey and become an inspired, embodied instructor with our 100-hour Teacher Certification program. Are you passionate about weaving profound teachings into your classes, creating inspired sequences, and infusing yoga philosophy into your teachings? If so, our self-paced online certification program is designed just for you – to empower you to become a certified teacher of The Shiva Sequences.

When you enroll in this program, you'll receive everything offered in the comprehensive Shiva Program (as detailed above). But that's just the beginning.

Here's what our Teacher Certification program adds to your journey:

  • Dedicated Shiva YTT App: Access our exclusive Shiva YTT App, designed for your convenience, available via your preferred app or web browser.

  • YTT-Specific Sessions: Immerse yourself in one-hour YTT-specific pre-recorded sessions for each Shiva archetype (7 sessions in total). These sessions provide in-depth, teacher-training-specific guidance to enhance your skills as an instructor.

  • Practical Assessments: Hone your teaching abilities with two practical assessments for each Shiva archetype (14 in total), allowing you to solidify your expertise in teaching The Shiva Sequences.

  • Reflective Journaling: Keep a journal of your practices to foster self-reflection and personal growth.

  • Personal Guidance: Receive valuable feedback and personalised guidance in a one-on-one feedback session with Anneriek herself.

  • Comprehensive Training Manual: Navigate your teaching journey seamlessly with the Shiva Sequences Teacher Training manual, offering comprehensive information about the practices and access to the sequences.


Upon successful completion of this program, you'll earn a prestigious 100-hour Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training certification for "The Shiva Sequences." This certification not only enhances your skills as a yoga instructor but also empowers you to share the wisdom of these male archetypes with your students, creating classes that are both transformative and deeply enriching. Elevate your teaching and embark on a journey of growth, empowerment, and inspiration with The Shiva Sequences Teacher Certification.

An awakened man is a warrior of the heart. He calls to other conscious men to join the revolution, to lay down their ego, and with true masculine energy, demonstrate what it means to return to love.”

- Daniel Nielsen

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