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Become Shiva

Congratulations on starting your journey today!

The Shiva Sequences takes you on a journey to explore your balanced masculine qualities, to become more calm, focussed and with clear boundaries. Using inspiring, embodied yoga practices, guided meditations and insightful, easy to follow information about 7 gods, you are invited on a powerful journey to awaken your divine masculine Self.

Each god will become your teacher
Rama teaches you about your courage and your destined path in life, Hanuman shows you the importance of friendships, Brahma teaches you to see beauty in everything, Ganesh invites you to look past the obvious, and Vishnu teaches you about living the the here and now.

Allow these beautiful, ancient, masculine archetypes to become your teacher of the skills of living as an empowered lover of life. To become a force that evokes love, grace, light, and your own deepest heartfelt desires  

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Remember Your Power

Balanced masculine energy is active, expansive, purposeful, protective and outward. It has the incredible ability to create equanimity and space for both ourselves and others to feel safe to be authentic.

The balanced masculine is courageous and powerful, And able to express compassion, empathy and deep feelings of love and care with ease. It presents itself within your discernment, displays in our courage, and thrives on structure, discipline, focus, and direction.

The Shiva Sequences will help you to do just that. It helps you remember your own courage and natural personal power. 

How to Sign Up..

  • Click SELECT to directly sign up to The Shiva Sequences

  • You receive an email to get INSTANT access to all the practices and the community through your Internet browser and/or the Goddess App​*


* One account gives access to all platforms

What You Get

  • Inspiration to practice each day!

  • Enjoyable guidance by an experienced teacher.

  • Learn about your own personal power.

  • Your very own App on your Phone or iPad.

  • Lifetime access.

  • Connection into a beautiful  community.

  • Shiva Practices

    Lifetime Access to The Shiva Practices

This Is For You If You:

Want to learn more about yourself and better understand why you do what you do.

Like yoga and enjoy Strong Vinyasa flow, Gentle Flow and/or Yin yoga classes.

Want to create and be inspired for your own home practice.

Are intrigued by the Hindu mythology, the goddesses and gods, and like to understand how these archetypes relate to you.

Like to have access to an online yoga platform to practice whenever and wherever you can.

Are looking for greater insights in yourself and a more balanced happier life.

Want to have a more authentic and balanced life.

Are interested in connecting to your inner wisdom.

Want to be part of a group of like minded people.

What do I Exactly Get?

Lifetime access through your Internet browser and/or your own Goddess App. 

Online access to over 65 transformational yoga, meditation and breathwork sessions.

Access to Vinyasa Flow, Yin yoga and Lunar Flow yoga classes reflecting the energy of each goddess. Ideal for you own home practice!

Access to guided meditations and breathwork sessions for each goddess archetype.

Clear, Practical and Transformative information about each god - archetype his story, qualities and shadows to help you create real change in your life.

Access to Music Playlists, Poems, online Shiva Community.

Priority access to Coaching sessions, One year Guided Program, Teacher Training and One day Retreats.

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