Meet The Goddesses

Each individual goddess archetype can be seen as part of the wholeness of the divine feminine. At the same time they have their own personality. Each goddess is an aspect of your own higher self. Her qualities begin to infuse your personality and her shadows help you to face your own weaknesses, creating tangible change in your life. By invoking the goddess, you invoke your own inner qualities into your life.

The Goddesses can be divided in two groups:

  • The Warrior Goddesses offer you the power to fight your inner and outer battles. Practicing with the Warrior Goddesses is a bit stronger and challenges you more, physically and mentally. However they also quickly break away your armour behind which your inner Goddess hides.

  • The Wisdom Goddesses give you inspiration and insight. Practicing with the Wisdom Goddesses gives you a deep inner connection. They help you connect to your intuition and to listen to your heart’s desires.

1 Durga 2.jpeg


Will show you your strength. She is the power behind your spiritual awakening. She will show you how to be your own guardian.


Shows you that in order to grow you will have to let go. Letting go of your old beliefs, your habits and securities, to allow yourself to take up space and be seen.

7 Radha 1.png


Shows you how to love unconditionally and selflessly. She teaches you to see love in everything.


Demands you to look at your scars, your pain and suffering. She shows you who you are when you accept your own demons and shadows.


Will teach you how to transform your dreams into reality. She will show you that you are worthy and teaches you how to give and receive with grace.


Shows you what it means to offer yourself entirely to another without losing yourself. She teaches you how to be selfless and loyal. 

8 Dhumavati 1.jpeg


Helps you to receive the gift of failure and disappointment. To feel freedom of walking away, of letting go, of not fighting, of not holding on to what you think you needed.


Helps you expand your awareness and teaches you that you're capable of holding the world in love.


Brings you in touch with your creativity. She teaches you about intuition, inspiration and dedication.

6 Parvati 1.png


Shows you how to balance your strength and softness, your masculine and feminine qualities, to create wholeness within yourself.


Teaches you about desire, pleasure and your own beauty.